Your Songwriting Sketchpad

Odesi helps you write songs in any genre by suggesting chord progressions, bass lines, and drum patterns. Easily set up your song structure and loop sections while you create the lead melody and vocals.

"I was looking for a better, faster way to create great-sounding melodies, bass parts, and synths in the same key. This program makes it pretty effortless."

Creative Chord Suggestions

Generate song ideas using combinations of chords that always work together. Stay safe—or push yourself out of your comfort zone. Once the harmonic structure is in place you'll be able to write your hooks and melodies more quickly.

“My struggle with producing is writing my own chords. Odesi allows me to get the creative process going much faster. It creates a starting point that I can build off of. Not to mention saves me a lot of time.”

The First Step in Your Workflow

Odesi is a standalone songwriting environment that comes with enough sounds to get you started, plus you can use your own plugins. Easily share with other musicians or bring everything into Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, etc. as MIDI parts.

“I'm 5yrs making beats and sometimes I need ideas that sweeten my tracks faster than me taking an hour to get what I want.”

Always in Tune

Choose a key and Odesi will make sure that everything sounds great. Want to find the best range for your vocalist? Chords, bass lines, and melodies all transpose together smoothly. 

"Changing the key after making a song was the reason I purchased Odesi."

All quotes from July 2016 User Survey

What results can you expect?

"I needed a way to get songs going FAST. Odesi is great to get a rough sketch for a progression and rhythm and then export the MIDI to my DAW."

Odesi (pronounced like "Odyssey") isn't just for electronic music. It helps you write songs in any genre by suggesting bass lines, chord progressions, and drum parts in different musical styles and BPMs. Sketch out your ideas with the included sounds or use your own plugin instruments (VST or AU).

Use Odesi to generate ideas, get out of your comfort zone, unstick projects, or fill in any gaps in your knowledge. The software plays the parts so you can focus on the songwriting. Odesi works with your mouse, your computer keyboard, and a MIDI keyboard if you have one.

You can create the MIDI structure of your track very quickly, and then finish your music production inside your favorite software like Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro, Reason, Pro Tools, or any other DAW.

Odesi speeds up your workflow by making the creation process much faster.

"This software is absolutely amazing and has taken my workflow to another level. I’m thrilled with the possibilities that Odesi offers. In today's demanding music market Odesi is a clear no brainer."

When you’re done with your Odesi session, you will have a 100% composed track that’s ready for production. All your melodies, bass lines and chord progressions will be finished. 

You can export MIDI and audio files. Odesi has collaboration features that help you share your tracks with vocalists, collaborators, friends, your band, your music label, and even non-music people. It's an ultra-quick sketchpad for music composition.