Your first time with Odesi

Odesi is designed for speed. Here's an example of how fast you can work on your melodies, chords and basslines:

Write your own hit tracks

Odesi will help you create music using foundations that have been proven to work before. We analyzed thousands of songs from top producers and realized that the same tricks have been used for many years. The sounds change, and music is always evolving, but the formulas stay the same. If you know the secret sauce, you can produce a track that will have people dancing for years.

Watch this parody to see how many #1 hits use just one famous chord progression:

We have this one, and 137 other chord progressions that you can tap into. You can also customize your own, and create a progression that has never been used in the history of music before.


Discover custom rhythms

Rhythms are everywhere, but we don’t notice them because they aren’t part of our usual way of thinking. When we open a DAW like Ableton Live, we don’t see the rhythms. All we see is a uniform grid. Odesi is different. It's designed to help you create rhythms. During our analysis we discovered that a small number of rhythms were used by a HUGE number of tracks that went to #1. There is one specific rhythm that was used by DJ Tiesto, Cash Cash, Calvin Harris and others. All of those tracks got on the charts. We don’t know who invented it first, but it can’t be patented or copyrighted. You can use it in your own productions as much as you like (or don’t, it’s totally up to you).

Odesi has a bank of 54 simple and 84 complex rhythms already inside the software. You can apply a different rhythm setting to each layer. Your Chords can play a slower rhythm while your Bass uses a fast and aggressive rhythm. You’ll hear the improvement in your music production right away. 

You can also create your own custom rhythms and hide them from the world. Only you will have access to them, and you can use them in all your music productions to develop your own signature sound. Custom rhythm making is an important part of making the music “your own” so you aren’t relying on presets.

See your Bass + Chords + Melody at the same time

Unlike a typical DAW, Odesi shows all tracks on one large canvas so you can see how the MIDI notes connect together. You can see the Chord Progressions, Bassline, Melody and Drums to visualize how your track progresses over time. It’s a more visual approach to music composition and saves a lot of time from flipping back and forth between tracks.

You can solo specific layers to work on them separately. You can also lock them to prevent accidental editing, and mute them to temporarily hide them from the canvas. When you hit Play, only the notes visible on the Odesi canvas will play through your speakers.


Write hooks and melodies

You can plug in your own MIDI keyboard and record all your melodies from it. If you don’t have a MIDI controller you can record all your melodies directly from your Macbook keyboard without any external hardware. This is a common feature in other apps but we took it a step further. When you press keyboard keys for ASDFGHJ, it will play the seven possible notes of your selected scale. All notes will be perfectly in key. The row above, QWERTY will play the octave above middle C. The ZXCVBN keys will play the notes an octave below. 


Create your own beats

When you press the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 keys on your computer keyboard, Odesi will play your drum kits. You can record your beats directly from your computer keyboard just by finger-drumming on your number keys. It’s a fast way to add your own beat.


Change the Key + Scale after the track is already written

This feature is insane. You can create all your melodies, change their Key and Scale anytime. Odesi will intelligently transform the entire session to fit your vocalist's range. For example, you can go from C Major to D Blues Minor in just 2 clicks.

Quantize beats and notes

Click on the “Edit Notes” button after you select some notes in the canvas. You’ll see the Quantize options that snap your selected notes to the grid, making sure that everything plays on the beat. It gives a robotic quality to your music, and sounds less human because humans make some mistakes, but you get the advantage of really tight drums. We recommend for you to apply quantizing in small quantities: just for Kick Drums, Snares and Basslines. Other parts of your Odesi session can remain unquantized to retain the subtle variations introduced by an actual musician playing the notes.

Write Custom Chords

Here's a screenshot of the Custom Chords dialog that lets you customize each chord. You'll discover combinations that sound great AND fit your song perfectly:

You can also change the length of each chord, so chord changes happen unexpectedly - it makes your track sound more unique:


Export to your favorite DAW

Odesi has been tested with all production software. You can export MIDI files and audio files and they load perfectly inside your production software. It has been tested with Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Cubase, Reason, GarageBand and many others.