Magic Recording in Odesi (September update)

This is the future of recording. We invented a new and better way to create the catchiest melodies by using your computer keyboard in Odesi. This update is available right now, you can start using this feature in 5 minutes.

With Magic Record, you will never lose your ideas again. Just practice until you hear something that you love, and then save your idea. It's stress-free, and wonderful.


FAQ: How does Odesi work?

It's software that you can download on your Windows and Mac that helps you compose music. It's a professional tool for the music industry. You will build the MIDI foundation of your track, including all the Melodies, Chord Progressions, Basslines and Drums. When you're done, you can export your results to MP3/WAV/AIFF and separate MIDI tracks.

Does it connect with Ableton Live, Apple Logic, or FL Studio?

Yes. Odesi has a gazillion functions that don't exist in any other DAW. It's designed to speed up your creative process, because it's 100% focused on helping you write catchy melodies, basslines and other harmonic elements. It's like a DAW that's focused specifically on melody composition. You can easily import your results into your favorite music production software to finish the music production.

What sounds does it have?

Odesi supports VST synths installed on your computer. You can use it with Serum, Sylenth, Massive, Kontakt, and all other amazing synths made by other companies. 

We also looked through all of Spotify's Top 100 charts, Beatport, and other sources - and came up with a huge library of built-in sounds which are even better than most VSTs. You have access to pianos, synthesizers, bass sounds, guitars, and much more - all created exclusively for Odesi, based on what we heard on the charts. Your music will sound modern and fresh. You can tweak the built-in sounds, and create your own signature sound.

Shut up and take my money. Why is the price not $200?

We're the guys who created Mixed In Key. Our famous Mixed In Key software is just $58 dollars. We don't believe in making $200 software. We think everyone should have access to great technology. We decided to make Odesi cost $49 (for now). It's a great tool to make your Ableton Live, Logic and other sessions come to life faster. If you can spend $149, you can buy the Master Collection which includes all the software we've ever made, including Odesi, Mixed In Key, Platinum Notes, Mashup and others. Everything is a digital download.

Got any other questions?

Our email is We've been in business for 11 years and made thousands of DJs and producers super-happy by saving them time. Odesi represents what we thought should be added to Ableton Live and other DAWs. It's our vision for the best Music Production tool you can buy.