Captain Plugins: New VST plugins for music composition

You can use our new VST plugins called "Captain Plugins" to compose music in your DAW. It's the same technology that exists in Odesi, but in a VST, AU Instrument, and MIDIFX plugins.

You can write your chord progressions, basslines and melodies directly in your DAW.



What's different between Odesi and Captain Plugins?

Odesi is a stand-alone app that runs on Mac and Windows

  • Odesi helps you see everything on a single MIDI canvas
  • It's great for writing music for 4 instruments at once: Chords, Melody, Bass and Drums
  • You can develop song ideas and write a full track using Odesi

Captain Plugins work directly inside Ableton Live and Logic

  • Captain Chords VST helps you compose chord progressions
  • Captain Melody VST helps you write melodies
  • Captain Deep VST adds basslines


What do they have in common?

  • If you learn one, you can use both very easily. They are built by the same company, and share the same ideas and foundations
  • Same collection of sounds. You can use them to compose great-sounding tracks, because both Odesi and Captain have a custom audio library built in
  • Same easy-to-use music theory, and music composition functions

Get both.

If you're starting a song from scratch, Odesi can help you finish your music composition quickly. If you're adding more MIDI notes to your Ableton Live or Logic session, Captain Plugins accelerate your composing and help you fill in the gaps.