Odesi makes Ableton Live better

Odesi helps you write Chord Progressions, Melodies and Basslines for all your Ableton Live sessions. It allows deep customization of chords, so you can evolve your track and give it emotion.

When you’re done with your Odesi session, you will have a 100% composed track that’s ready for production. All your melodies, basslines and chord progressions will be finished. 

How does Odesi make Ableton Live better?

  • You can generate chord progressions with a click of a button. You can also customize the rhythm and sound of your chords to give your song emotion.

  • Create a bassline that fits perfectly with your chord progression. Your bassline will instantly adjust to changes you make in the chord progression so it always sounds right.

  • Write a melody that's in key and works with your chords and basslines. We'll let you know which notes you can use. You'll have a melody that works all the time.