Watch the overview of the NEW version of Odesi 2.0

Improve your music production

When you’re done with your Odesi session, you will have a 100% composed track that’s ready for sound design. All your Melodies, Chord Progressions, Basslines and other tracks will be finished and ready for MIDI Export. You can create your entire composition inside Odesi 2.0.

Odesi helps you create the MIDI notes for every instrument in your track. You will be able to develop your Verse, Pre-Chorus and Chorus structure and prepare the entire blueprint for your track. All you'll need to do after that is send it to your favorite producer, or drop it into Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools, FL Studio or any other DAW. Odesi speeds up your MIDI composition so you can write great songs.

The new version 2.0 is designed for the world's best artists, music producers and songwriters. Discover what's new in Version 2.0 and see how Odesi will help you reach your goals.

NEW in this version: Melody tools, custom rhythms, your own vault of ideas. ENJOY!!!!

Here's a track composed in Odesi:


Want to make your own tracks? Get the software and view tutorial videos in the How-To Guide: