Odesi user interface:

This screenshot shows Odesi in action - you can see the Chords, the Melody and the Bassline at the same time. Flip between the layers to edit notes, and experiment with different rhythms inside each track.
The full ODESI PRESS KIT is available.

Write Unique Melodies

We invented a new way to write melodies: by combining Rhythm and Pitch building blocks that you create yourself.

Rhythm adds a groove in your melody, and Pitch moves the notes up and down. You can record your own ideas for Pitch and Rhythm, and re-combine them anytime. The same "Love Ballad" rhythm can be played with hundreds of arpeggiations you create yourself.

Your Odesi account will have a huge Vault of your own ideas that you can use in all your future projects. If you come up with a cool riff, you can save it for later and apply it to a different Melody in the future. Nothing is ever lost, and you'll build a Vault of great content.

Professional producers can use the Melody plugin to take the melody from the Verse of the song, and gently modify it for the Chorus. It helps you explore different variations on a theme and discover hidden gems in your own idea bin.




Add "Call and Response" to your compositions

The new "Call and Response" plugin uses two Melody plugins combined together with a time gap in between.

It's like singing "Do you like it like that? "YEAH I like it like that!" Call and Responses are super cool at helping you make your melodies more memorable. The first part asks the question, the second part gives the answer.

This Odesi plugin will get your hooks to the next level.


Customize your chord progression and chord rhythms

When you add a chord progression to your session, you can choose from a bank of 138 possible chord progressions that have resulted in huge hits for other artists. You can also customize EVERYTHING about the chord progression and make it 100% unique and your own.

You can apply a rhythm to the chords and change how they play.


Use your own custom rhythms for basslines

Odesi gives you 138 bassline rhythms that you can use in your own compositions. Some of them have resulted in #1 hits for other artists, and other rhythms are relatively unknown. Dig through the basslines and see what sounds good to you - and then, CUSTOMIZE THEM.

The new version 2.0 makes it possible to record your own custom rhythms and re-use them in all your future projects.



Test your ideas with different sounds

If you have Mac OS X 10.10 or newer, you can use Audio Units that are installed on your computer, so your favorite synths from companies like Native Instruments will work inside Odesi. But, you also have a special collection of sounds already built into Odesi that help you sketch your music ideas.

We analyzed today's hottest music and discovered most tracks use variations of the same 75-100 sounds. We created a custom collection of those sounds for you to use in your own music, so you can get your music to sound close to the "final" production. There are 117 sounds inside Odesi that are ready for you.

Deep Plucky Lead, Flute, Heaven Pluck, Highland House, Huge SuperSaw, Lead Saw, Lead SuperSaw, Little Stabby, Nervous Lead, Noisey Super Saw, Percussive Organ, Phone Home, Pick Saw, Pretty Plucky, Saw and Flute Lead, Saw Lead, Shake Lead, Squawky, Stabby Lead, Static Saw, Stingy Lead, Super Saw Lead, Sync Lead, Throat Lead, Twinkle Lead

70's Organ, Chime Piano, Clavinova, Crystal Synth, Dance Piano, Ele Mallet, Electric Piano, Electro Harp, Electro Organ, Epic Pluck, Focus Synth, Good Pluck, Guitar Synth, Mouse Pluck, Muted Guitar, Organ, Organ Key, Phaser Rhodes, Piano Strings, Poly6, Saw Synth, Sine Pluck, Spikey Synth, Stabby Saw, Steam Harp, Synth Mallet, Synth Mallet 2, Upright Piano

303, 808 Tone, Analog Bass, Bass Electric Piano, Bass Piano, Chirp Bass, Deep and Low, Deep Pluck, Deep Thud, Dirty Made, Electric Bass, Electric Monster, Fox with Me, Funk Dist, Future Bass, Hard Edge, Hard Electro Bass, Hard Pluck, Hard Pluck 2, Heaven Pluck, Kick Bass, Low Brass Bass, Mellow Pluck, Ollie Bass, Organ Bass, Percussive Bass, Plucker Up, Sub Bass, Upright Bass, Wub Bass, Wubby U